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Why This Is The Last Blog Post Of THIS Kind



When it comes to college prep I asked parents and students a wide variety of questions like… What do you want to learn more about?  What format would you like the information delivered? What’s the single biggest result you want to have?  I learned that students like an online course so they can learn things when it is convenient for their schedules but what they really want is to attend live events and connect to their peers.  Children want to see what others their age are up to.  Children want to be apart of small events where there is high intimacy and engagement.  When I circle back to parents they say they want what their children want.  With further questioning I learned what families really want…


Parents want their children to be happy.  They don’t want a program that takes charge and leaves them feeling left out.  Parents want to be apart of the college prep experience but they don’t want the “full weight on their shoulders”.  Parents also don’t want a bunch of “how to” information only.  The “how to” information is viewed as a starting point in the college prep journey.  Parents want their children to participate in activities that teach and develop their skill sets.  Children love hands on activities where they learn things step by step.  Children want to be a part of and participate in group conversations and they want feedback.  Children are eager to connect with their peers and talk about their hopes and dreams.  Children are also scared of making wrong choices and they want to connect to others who have the same feelings as them.


Parents know it is very easy to motivate their child at an event.  When they return home their children are not in the same enthusiastic supportive environment.  It can be easy for a child to lose motivation when they go to school and interact with peers who are not motivated and ambitious.  Parents want support to keep their child’s energy high and help their child stay motivated till the next event.


So what does all this feedback have to do with regular weekly blog posts?


The weekly blog posts are going to be restructured for your child.  This will not happen immediately but I will share my vision.  Each quarter you will be sent emails inviting your child to participate in contests to earn prizes.  The contests will consist of the following:

  1. 1 Minute Video – Children will describe what kind of career exploration activities they are involved in.  What they like and dislike about it along with any advice for their peers who are interested in exploring the same career path.
  2. Photo Contest With A Caption– Selfie photo contests will include but are not limited to the following topics: college tours, volunteering, career exploration, school sports activities, extra curricular activities, awards won such as honor roll and selifes of themselves at their desk and workspace at home.
  3. Short 500 Word Essays – Topics will vary and will include but not be limited to challenges at school, how to deal with friend drama, how to deal with teachers who don’t teach well, studying tips used, favorite and worst class assignments and much more.
  4. Quotes – What single piece of advice would your child give his or her peers regarding lessons learned the hard way about procrastination, being disorganized, not following up, not seeing things through to completion and staying committed when things are not easy.


The winners will have their submissions posted and published on CareerConversationalist.com.  This way your child will want to regularly visit the site to see if he or she won and to check out what his or her peers are up too.  Your child can then share the published post with friends and family and receive further recognition from those who are important to your child.  This will keep your child engaged between live events and help your child stay in contact with new friends he or she makes at live events.


When will these new blog posts begin being published?


At the moment I do not have a definite date.  The reason being is I have to restructure a lot of things at Career Conversationalist.  Hosting events takes a lot of planning and resources.  That is why I am going to redirect my time and energy.  Rather than continuing to write blog posts each and every week, I am going to use the time to restructure things to serve you better.  I apprechiate all the feedback I have received.  I look forward to serving you and your family at a higher level.


Host welcoming guests
“Is this your first event?” – One Of The Career Conversationalist Hosts Talking To Your Child


BONUS: (Insight)

While this restructuring is going on, the weekly email quotes will continue along with updates.

Also, a lot of the goodies are going away.  They will be safely stored in the Career Conversationalist Vault.  I know that may sound odd so I will share where the inspiration came from.  When I was a child I remember seeing the television commercials about Walt Disney Movies and “buy your copy now before they go back into the Disney vault”.  As a kid I didn’t understand why Disney wouldn’t make their movies available for purchase all year round.  Now as an adult I understand.  These goodies will be re-released at a future date and time for newbies.

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