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Imagine yourself in a futuristic café.  What would you order?  What would you be sipping on as Segilola Salami and Crystal Olivarria discuss books and written self published work?

One of Crystal’s most recent self published works is a quick read guide she created as a result of talking to so many parents who struggle to help their child select a relevant career that utilizes their kid’s talents and abilities.  The guide 7 Ways To Help Your Child Make Better Career Decisions, Regardless Of What Age Your Child Is provides questions to ask your kid to help them explore career opportunities.  It is designed to prevent that awkward pause when you ask your kid “What do you want to be when you grow up?” and they say “I don’t know.”  It is Crystal’s hope that in the near future to expand her written work and create a series of books about career exploration for different ages.


Show Description

The Segilola Salami show is hosted by Segilola Salami who is also an author and a self publishing strategist; helping aspiring authors navigate the minefield that is self publishing. The show is about books, books and more books but specifically self published books. The show is in a virtual cafe and we give tips to help self published authors then discuss an indie book (like a book club). Or better still, think of it as a group of book lovers having virtual coffee discussing books. It is a very informal show The aim of the show is to be: 1) entertaining in an informal way (hence the virtual cafe setting and having my daughter present) 2) educative. So the authors on the show can share their experience on self publishing and the listeners get to discover new indie books.


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