How long is the ongoing support for any of the coaching programs?

After the training portion of the program ends their is a continuity program for ongoing support from the Q&A bi-weekly calls and access to the private Facebook community.  The point of the community is to provide ongoing support and have others to celebrate with.  Some families will be active in the community for years especially if they start the career conversation while their child is young and in junior high school.  As children graduate high school and college they may choose to continue to stay involved in the community as a means to be a mentor and role model to their younger peers.  Staying involved is encouraged because it provides great leadership opportunities.

Do you plan on adding any type of workshops in the near future?

As this community grows ongoing workshops will be added, preferably once a quarter.  Children have expressed that they like to interact with people in person.  They like the self paced programs that allow you to review information till you get it and have deadlines to keep you on track.  However nothing replaces being able to ask questions in a group and feel like you are not alone.

Do you offer a money back satisfaction guarantee?

The guarantee is that you will never see that money again.  When it comes to enrolling your child in a college degree program you are likely to pay significantly more without a guarantee.  Colleges and universities don’t make guarantees regarding the outcome your child will have once enrolled in their programs.  High quality programs can not provide guarantees because they can not control how your child will implement what he or she learns.  Every child is different and will implement to varying levels of excellence (or lack of it).