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Crystal Olivarria, Founder & CEO of Career Conversationalist

Crystal Olivarria raised over $70,000 from grants and scholarships to help pay for her college and university education at two private schools; The Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising in San Francisco and Holy Names University in Oakland, California.   Crystal helps students get into their top chosen college, generate money via grants and scholarships and get hands on experience in their related career field.  Crystal provides a safe space to explore options in depth while providing guidance that result in children being able to reach their full potential more easily.



>>> Help Your Child Make Better Career Decisions

Your child is your whole life.  There is nothing worse than investing in your child's college education only to have your child dislike their college major.

>>> Help Your Child Make New Friends With Ambitious Peers Quickly

Your child's friends are going to heavily influence your child.  Help your child make better decisions by making new friends.

>>> Give Your Child A Competitive Edge

In a global competitive marketplace your child needs help developing and strengthening their talents and abilities.


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5 Suggested Questions:

  1. What is career coaching and how is it different than the type of guidance a child receives from a high school guidance counselor?
  2. Why does career coaching give a child a competitive edge in the global economy?
  3. How do you help children select a relevant career?
  4. Why do parents need to play a more active role in helping their child select a relevant career?
  5. What can parents do to help their child make better career choices?


A Complimentary Gift Available To Your Audience… 7 Ways To Help Your Child Make Better Career Decisions, Regardless Of What Age Your Child Is (1 Page PDF Guide) is made available at


To discuss your event contact Crystal by calling 510-388-4374 PST.