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Crystal Olivarria at Career Conversationalist

Crystal Olivarria provides insightful, heart felt, grounded energy that inspires and touches the hearts of members in her audience.  Through powerful, engaging speeches Crystal empowers parents to take action to help their child achieve a fun, fulfilling and financially rewarding career.  By working with today’s aspiring youth Crystal offers insight of how to get into a good school with a good program, get funded, get an internship while in college and graduate with a job position lined up.  Crystal teachers a proven “Career Decisions Made Easy” system to help aspiring youth get on the fast track to wherever they want to go.  These teachings provide valuable insight into how to make responsible decisions quickly.

According to the Georgetown University Study, The Economics of College Majors published in 2015 “The difference between the lifetime wages of college and high school graduates is $1 million; the difference between the highest – and lowest – paying college majors is $3.4 million.”


Decisions about a child’s career will have life long impact.

That is why parents need guidance on how to help their child…

  • Take charge of their own life and make good decisions and see things through.
  • Focus, follow through and be 100% committed.
  • Release non supporting relationships with peers who are de-motivating.


Parents need help encouraging their child to…

  1. Exploring career opportunities in depth
  2. Researching or applying to good schools with good programs
  3. Applying to opportunities to use other people’s money to pay for college
  4. Gaining hands on experience in their related career field
  5. Attracting attention online from talent recruiters prior to graduating college

If children are not engaged in any of these activities they are being set up for a hardship.  Crystal Olivarria reveals how to equipping a child with the right tools and experiences to help the child succeed in a fun, fulfilling and financially rewarding career.


About Crystal Olivarria

Crystal Olivarria raised over $70,000 from grants and scholarships to help pay for her own college education at two private colleges; The Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising in San Francisco and Holy Names University in Oakland, California.  Crystal has helped others get into their top chosen college, generate money via grants and scholarships and get hands on experience in their related career field.  Crystal provides a safe space to explore options in depth while providing guidance that result in children being able to reach their full potential more easily.

To discuss your event contact Crystal by calling 510-388-4374 PST.



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Crystal Olivarria, Career Coach

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10 Suggested Questions:

  1. How do you help children explore career options?
  1. How do you help children select a good college with a good program?
  1. How do you help families afford college?
  1. How do you help children gain hands on experience in their related career field?
  1. How do you help children get jobs prior to graduating college?
  1. This whole process can be uncertain and scary. How do you help families deal with the emotional impact?
  1. How do you help children stay focused and committed?
  1. What if a child has friends that are unmotivated and non supportive?
  1. When should parents start having the career conversation with their children?
  1. What services do you offer to assist families?