The Bronze Program

Bronze Standard Coaching Package, Career Conversationalist

Community Benefits:

  • Fun social games allow your kid to quickly make friends with their ambitious peers.
  • Your kid has the opportunity to discuss challenges and get advice form their high performing peers.
  • Fun social games allow your kid to develop social skills and develops the ability to talk in front of others.
  • Self confidence is developed by role playing for scholarship, internship and job interviews.
  • Your kid has the opportunity to share wins and successes and be a role model to others.
  • The more involved your kid is in the community the more opportunities there are to win $10 gift cards.
Here is an example of a fun social game to help your kid make new friends quickly with their ambitious peers.










Here is an example of how kids are celebrated in the community and how they are a role model for others. “The Spotlight Shines On…” picture is of Marisa Thompson who is standing in front of her poster at The National Diversity in STEM Conference.













Access to The Bronze Program is $49 per month.  After you subscribe you will be asked for contact information for you and your kid.  Your kid will receive a welcome phone call and will be immediately welcomed into the community.  Your kid’s mailing address is on file to make it easier to quickly mail gift cards.  Your contact information is on file because we like to occasionally keep you updated of your kid’s progress.