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Crystal Olivarria is the Founder and CEO of Career Conversationalist.  Parents hire Crystal to help their child transition successfully from school to the workforce.  Crystal works with children in high school and college.  Since 2011 Crystal has helped children increase their self esteem by helping them develop the skills they need to get into their top school of choice, win scholarships and get hands on training with experts in their chosen field.  Crystal specializes in helping children develop social skills with their peers by playing fun games.  She helps children make new friends with their ambitious peers by playing games like “If you were a piece of candy, what type of candy would you be and why?”  Then after children make new friends they practice role playing with each other for scholarship, internship and job interviews.


Crystal is fiercely committed to growing an active community of young people who want to participate in making better career decisions.  Join the growing list of parents who are looking for fun ways to develop a more meaningful relationship with their child and help them make better career decisions.  Subscribe to receive email newsletters by joining Crystal’s emailing list by accepting your complimentary gift of 7 Ways To Help Your Child Make Better Career Decisions, Regardless Of What Age Your Child Is.

Crystal Olivarria

To learn more about the services Crystal provides, please check out the popular coaching programs below.

The Gold Standard

This “Done For You” Coaching Package offers premium services that are designed to help your child gain maximum results in the least amount of time.

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The Silver Standard

This “Done With You” Coaching Package offers a highly supportive environment designed to help your child develop lifelong success habits.

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The Bronze Standard

This “Do It Yourself” Coaching Package offers guidance in making better career choices that will have a life long impact on your child’s life.

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