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This “Done For You” Coaching Package offers premium services that are designed to help your child gain maximum results in the least amount of time.

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Silver Standard Coaching Package

This “Done With You” Coaching Package offers a highly supportive environment designed to help your child develop lifelong success habits.

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This “Do It Yourself” Coaching Package offers guidance in making better career choices that will have a life long impact on your child’s life.

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Crystal Olivarria is fiercely committed to helping your child select a relevant career that is fun, fulfilling and financially rewarding.  If you are looking for help to assist your child in selecting a good school with a good program, get fully funded, get an internship while in college, graduate and have a job position lined up by the time he or she graduates then you are in the right place.  Crystal is a proven professional who can guide you and your child.  Crystal acts as a neutral party verifying what you are saying regarding making responsible career and college decisions.

Your child will likely connect with Crystal because she understands that your child wants guidance to planning his or her future.  What your child really wants is a safe place to explore different routes he or she can take with a college degree and how he or she can get a job after he or she graduates college.

With 14 years of personal experience and experience working with amazing clients with similar worries and concerns Crystal has guided clients to achieve remarkable success.  Crystal’s mission and commitment is to help your child reach his or her full potential.  Your child is your whole life.  You want to set your child up for success.

Crystal Olivarria, Career Coach

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